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I start work today (wheee) so until Mid-December I won’t be able to be online from 1-7 every day. I’ll do matches and requests either before or after work. Love you guys! <3

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Wunder Under Pant *Full-On Luxtreme (Exact)-$82.00

Worn on 10/9/2014 in Argentina 

Worn with her  Fuzzy Beanie. Originally matched when worn in Richmond.

Can you do a Ross inspired fall outfit? Thanks so much, love your blog!!

Working on it now!

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Hey girl! So I am going to LA in less than a month and I really need some cute outfits to wear. I have to look cute the whole trip haha! And who better to help me out than you, because let's be real you are literally the best ever! But yeah, I really love jeans and skirts. Help please! Thanks girl!

bieberfever26   I’ll work on it now!

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i was wondering if you had a link for all the clothes rydel has from forever 21! If not it's okay! I love your account so much💕

You can find them all here.  

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Blue Man T Shirt Astir (Exact)-Sold Out

Worn on 10/15/2014 at the Walk The Moon Concert

Thanks to r5arg on Twitter for the photos of Riker!

Can I have a link to everything Rydel has from Nasty Gal? Thx ☺️

Yes! Dressliker5.tumblr.com/tagged/nasty gal

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Nancy SOHO NY Sweatshirt (Exact Brand)-$32.00

Worn on 10/9/2014 in Argentina 

Worn with her  Fuzzy Beanie. Thanks to R5Updates for the photos of Rydel! Rydel’s sweatshirt isn’t currently available but when one does become available I’ll let you know! Requested by @rydel on instagram!

Where can I find Rydels piano/keys

You can find the guide here.  :)

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Koto Tie-Dye Pullover Sweatshirt (Exact)-Sold Out

Worn for M Magazine

Deena & Ozzy Nova Stud Crossbody Bag (Exact)-Sold Out

Worn on 10/17/2014 while Food Trucking

Originally matched when worn at the White House. Thanks to _michelle145 for the photos of Rydel!

georgiar5sos said: Oh my gosh this would be perfect for Christmas day! I would actually buy this😍

Ah! Thank you so much! I am really tempted to buy the fabric and make this for my Christmas outfit. 

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Once and while I sit down and design a few outfits (I’ve even made a few) today I sat down and designed this outfit for Christmas. I’m really thinking about buying the materials and making it. I just got a part time job but I still need to make a little more money to pay for my move, which got me thinking that I should start designing clothes (mostly skater skirts to start off with) for other people and selling them. What do you guys think?

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BDG Burnout Pullover Sweatshirt (Exact)-$39.00

Worn on 10/8/2014 in Buenos Aires,Argentina 

Thanks to melyestaras for the photo on the right!

thekaylamarie18 said: Thanks sweetie ☺️ you’re the best!

You’re welcome! Glad I could help!

kercupcake33 said: Best Rydel Pose that I have seen yet. :)

You’re too sweet! <3

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